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This is a position open to candidates interested in being offered a position in a large company with a strong track record and experience. This is an opportunity to get a foothold in big business and be part of a team of candidates willing to offer you a job with one of the best companies in South Carolina and the nation.

We are currently looking for representatives of experienced professionals who are looking for a different, more rewarding career and lifestyle. We are looking for people who are self-motivated and persistent and who can communicate well in a variety of roles, both at work and outside the office.

Working independently of others to solve problems and maintain serenity and professionalism in an environment that is changing with multiple priorities. Strong organizational skills, detailed - oriented, with the ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects and to perform in a high volume environment.

Maintaining social, ethical and organisational standards in all professional - related - activities at work and in the community. To maintain the confidentiality of the workplace and to assume responsibility for the safety and well-being of all employees and family members.

When you join the sylvan team, you will work with caring, bright and motivated people who share the passion to help students build the skills, habits and attitudes they need to succeed in school and in life. You are proud of the community you serve and recognize the importance of behaving and doing things as you would do if you only had time.

They are trained in the Sylvan curriculum and are given the tools to teach in small groups in a 3-on-1 setting. You will be given flexibility in your timetable and will not have the additional responsibility of purchasing tools or needing hours of preparation before class to spend those hours preparing for the other administrative tasks that private tutors and teachers will have to do. Established trainers who want to make a career with Sylvans and later succeed in roles may have additional day and evening hours available.

If you want to be part of an inspiring organization that believes in fostering children's knowledge and trust and improving the lives of thousands of families every day, don't miss this opportunity. Look for an opportunity and get your foot in the door with this great company.

If so, you want to be part of a growing company and invest time and effort to work on the customer service and sales side of your business. Experienced automotive technicians can join Team Mavis full-time as a full-time after-sales technician for one year. The great thing about this position is that it provides a smooth transition for technicians who also enjoy the customer service / sales part of the business! Training will focus on what is necessary for success, the following processes for opening a new account, and the technical skills and skills required for the job.

S. Revature plans to hire 300 innovative computer programmers over the next four weeks. The initial hourly rate for teachers starts at $9 per hour for 9 hours of paid training, which is offered for 45 days, followed by $0 for successful tutoring. With additional curriculum and certification, a 0.25% pay increase for hourly rates up to $14.00 results.

Entry-level and automotive technicians also enjoy customer service and sales. We are a growing market for successful life insurance companies that strive to achieve the desired success. While we increase our market share by proactively exploring, tracking and closing new stores, we are looking for a customer service representative to join our team.

They must be able to work under pressure, work within schedules, meet deadlines, follow instructions and accept instructions from a particular order. This position can be considered sedentary, because it requires long hours to manage conflicts and decisions - and to make them under pressure. Some positions require working in an office environment, but this may or may not be mandatory for this position.

We will issue you with an invoice when you apply and leave it at your door when you are not home, or send you a cheque to pay online. We will resolve any issues related to the originally planned visit and will notify you within 14 days of the visit. If you are not paid in advance, we leave the invoice at your door, unless you have paid online or sent your payment check by mail.

If you are not sure whether your pet needs to be kept on the lawn or what else prevents you from performing your application, you do not need to call us in advance. We will be happy to call you before you come If you have an inquiry, just let us know. If you need to behave yourself on request, there are no additional charges.