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re in South Carolina for business or dropping off your freshman at the University of South Carolina, here are 10 things to know about this new Southern hotspot. Hilton Head has a reputation as one of the state's most popular tourist destinations, so this will fit right in. The coastal ecosystem also offers a variety of animal species that you may be lucky enough to see (if you want to be sure, visit the Cultural Discovery Museum). Nearby natural sites also contribute to Clemson's attractiveness, including a huge reservoir that provides access to the beach and numerous boating activities for everyone to enjoy.

Clemson University is known for its sporting achievements, and fittingly, it is best known as the local university that shares the city's name. re in the area, you can see if you can get tickets to a football, basketball or baseball game, but it is not just Clemson that attracts you; Columbia is home to the University of South Carolina and Columbia High School, as well as a number of other colleges and universities, including Clemson University, Clemson State University and the College of Arts and Sciences. Clemson's football and basketball teams, the Clemson Tigers, can also be fired up by the Columbia Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies.

Hundreds of opportunities for professional and nonprofit performances by the city, including the South Carolina Philharmonic Orchestra, to experience live performances and exhibitions, often free of charge. Crooked Creek hosts visitors of all ages every day and offers a wide range of outdoor activities including kayaking, canoeing, hiking, camping, fishing and more.

The South Carolina Dance Company was recognized as the first place for hip hop classes in the Columbia region. The award-winning hip-hop dance team is one of the largest and most successful dance teams in North Carolina. Award - awards for hip-hop instructors that make him the most sought after after after dancing in Colombia and throughout the state.

At the South Carolina Dance Company, the instructors of the SCDC have a long history of incorporating all dance forms into their choreographed hip-hop routines. SC DC staff have deliberately incorporated traditional dance steps that students learn. Ballet on stage, bringing to life the traditional dances of the West Coast, South America, Africa and Latin America.

Born and raised in South Carolina, 20th-century artist Jasper Johns has been exhibited in major museums around the world. Local artist Jonathan Greene, whose national fame came from his local artists, created more than 40 works and was named one of the 100 best artists in the US for his work in New York City.

Race is not specified as to how many people live in Irmo, but the racial composition of the city is the same as in many other South Carolina cities, such as Columbia, Charleston and Charlotte.

In South Carolina, 47% of the population attend some form of worship, and there are 8051 different congregations. The most common Christian denominations, consisting of the Baptist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Catholic and United Church of Christ, are the United Methodist Church, United Baptist Church and the Presbyterian Church in America. In total, South Carolina had 189 health centers that treated 5,147,823 citizens.

The state has the highest percentage of people with a bachelor's degree or higher at a public or private school in the United States. South Carolina is the second largest state in terms of public schools, with more than 1,000 schools.

After the Civil War, the state suffered greatly and tensions between the white and black populations increased, often resulting in violence. The final blow came when Gen. William T. Sherman and his troops marched to burn down plantations and most of the city of Columbia. When he led the army to Colombia in 1965, many plantations in the states were destroyed. Hip-Hop has evolved into a culture that embraces hip-hop, rap and rap music, as well as other forms of music and dance.

Two years after the massacre, three African-Americans were elected to the state legislature, and many others went on to serve in state and local offices. Two years later, a new capital was established in Colombia, which somewhat diminished the political power of the lower rural elite. Despite many obstacles, the civil rights movement has put an end to open discrimination and segregation in the states. Three African Americans had been elected to state legislatures two years before the massacres, and several more have since been added.

By the end of the century, South Carolina citizens will be able to participate in the state's government and economy for the first time in more than a century and a half.

On December 20, 1860, South Carolina became the first state to secede from the Federal Union after Abraham Lincoln was elected. On 20 January 1861, in the midst of the civil war, it joined the Confederacy and on 1 January 1862 it became the only southern state to break away from the Union. In addition to the state's secession in 1861 and 1862, North Carolina also had a significant influence on the passage of the Prohibition Acts of 1800 and 1820, which allowed freed slaves to grant freedom to their families.

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