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South Carolina's largest city has a well-publicized and promoted history that inspires people to travel from near and far to see it. re new to the area or long-term residents, you can visit one of the many museums and galleries in the Columbia area. These museums display a strong culture that locals are proud to know in South Charleston. The museums have a wide range of exhibits, including the Charleston Museum of Natural History, the State Library and the South Carolinian Museum, to name just a few of the exhibits on display.

They also have a growing collection of archives and a gift shop that sells items that would appeal to any history lover. A visit to these museums would not be complete without a trip to the great gift shops that sell items on all sorts of South Carolina-related topics as well as a wide range of merchandise.

The nationally known EdVenture Museum is very popular with young and old alike, because you can experience a lot during a visit to this museum. With its ever-changing exhibits and galleries, visitors young and old will always find something new and exciting in this wonderful museum full of South Carolina's military history. Civil War enthusiasts on both sides will appreciate the history lessons that the museum brings to life, especially when your ancestors fought alongside the Yanks in the heart of Dixieland.

Educational information is also included to help visitors understand the war and its impact on the area, now called South Carolina, and other parts of the state.

The Upstate Children's Museum in downtown Greenville insists on interaction at every turn, so don't be fooled if the museum is just for kids. There are lesser-known museums that are equally impressive - inspiring, but the local children's museum Edvard is the only one I haven't touched. Finally, there is the oldest museum in South Carolina, built in 1896, and the oldest museum of its kind in South Carolina.

Not surprisingly, the museum also serves as a shooting range, but does not intend to shoot Civil War artillery behind glass.

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In the tax field, South Carolina has a long tradition of compliance with tax regulations with the IRS and the State of Columbia.

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Even if you're not a big fan of the tourist areas of South Carolina, like Charlotte or Charlotte, this destination has so much to offer. It is ideal for business travelers as it is only a short drive from downtown Charlotte and a few hours from downtown.

Colombia's wide avenues are lined with historic sites, ranging from Antebellum villas to slave houses for slaves who bought their freedom. The city is home to the Living History Museum, the Columbia Museum of Natural History and a variety of cultural institutions, including the South Carolina Historical Society, Columbia Public Library and Columbia Edventure Center, as well as a number of museums.

There are a variety of exhibits for visitors to see, and special events, including the annual "Bring a flashlight" event at the Columbia Museum of Art. There is plenty to see, but you can be sure that you won't be disappointed when you visit the Columbia Art Museum.

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